Blue Marlin Farm Prepares for a Spectacular Winter Season

By on October 10, 2014

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Blue Marlin Farm Prepares for a Spectacular Winter Season

Wellington, FL (October 10, 2014) With the autumn in full swing and winter fast approaching, Blue Marlin Farm of Wellington, Florida, is preparing for their best winter equestrian season yet. The eighteen-acre dressage facility is owned by veterinarian Kristy Truebenbach Lund, DVM and her husband, Scott Lund DVM.   Lund and her talented team at Blue Marlin have spent the summer riding and training horses, hiring new management, and making improvements on the facility itself. Dressage riders coming to Wellington, Florida for the much-anticipated annual season of competition are sure to enjoy boarding and training at Blue Marlin Farm, which is also known for its tiki hut gazebos and a friendly cooperative spirit among riders and trainers. “Blue Marlin Farm is a clean and professional farm with touch of Island camaraderie, say USDF Gold Medalist, John Zopatti who has trained at the farm for more than two decades.

Blue Marlin boasts several impressive names in training this year John Zopatti will be joined by dressage World Cup competitor and United States Dressage Federation president, George Williams and Olympian, Bent Jensen.  “We’re excited to have John Zopatti return from his summer helping eventers in North Carolina,” Kristy Lund said. “John Zopatti has been my trainer for over twenty years.  His strength is that he adapts his training program to the needs of the horse…he doesn’t try to fit each horse into the same routine and is not afraid to call upon other trainers to help if your horse has an issue such as trouble with changes or piaffe/passage.”

George Williams will make his debut appearance at Blue Marlin Farms this winter season. Excited to welcome this professional to Blue Marlin, Lund commented, “I have never worked with him before, so it will be educational to watch him train his students.”

Danish Olympic rider Bent Jensen is continuing to dedicate his talents to Blue Marlin Farm.  “Bent Jensen stayed and coached us all summer which provided a different insight in our training challenges,” Lund explained. Recently, Lund and Blue Marlin took over care of Jensen’s horses. “We hired experienced new workers and did a makeover of the barn so that it runs efficiently and caters to the comforts of the horse and rider. I have worked off and on with Bent for over fifteen years. His strength is he is really in tune to the horse…he finds little issues such as crookedness or holding the rein that block the horse from performing to his fullest capacity. He really cares about the horses well-being, both in the ring and in the barn,” Lund smiled.

Lund spent the summer improving her beautiful facility to match the talent that it will hold this season. “We are adding paddocks to increase turn out time, and increasing the quality of the footing in the paddocks. The front entrance is getting paved and upgraded gates to increase looks and security. We continue to strive to keep that ‘relax feel’ to the farm and did not add any stalls— this way the rings are never crowded.” One of Blue Marlin’s most well-known characteristics is providing a sanctuary of spacious arenas to use as an escape from the bustling show grounds.

“We offer full board, dry stall board, and anything in between. I live on the farm so the horses are monitored both during the day and at night.” Lund adds. The facility can be home to thirty horses at a time.

The future looks bright for Blue Marlin Farm. “We are all getting ready for regionals (GAIG USDF Region 3 Championships) and we are thrilled to have it in our back yard. Hopefully this will lead us to compete at Nationals in Kentucky.” Lund plans.

Besides managing Blue Marlin, Lund has a busy show schedule herself with her horse Akvavit, known in the barn as Gambler. “My goal this season is, with the help of both John and Bent, to finish Akvavit to Grand Prix and show him in the CDI small tour. My bucket list goal is to some day qualify for the I-1 Championships. I also have my other horse, Reel Adventure, for sale. Hopefully he will go on to perform and bring success to his new owner as he has done for me.”

For more information about Blue Marlin Farm, visit or contact Kristy Truebenbach Lund, DVM by calling 561-779-6550 or email


(1)  Kristy Lund schools Akvavit on the premier footing in one of the Blue Marlin Farms tropical arenas. (Sara Hellner photo)

(2) Olympian Bent Jensen and owner, Kristy Lund at Blue Marlin Farm  (Sara Hellner photo)



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